How long does it take to have
a photo moderated?

Usually, moderation is immediate, but can last up to 20 minutes. We just ask that you upload high quality photos of yourself with your face clearly visible. If your photo is on moderation for a longer time, please write to our technical support

Why was my photo denied?

We hate to deny photos, but we have to in order to enforce the same rules for all users. Please see our photo requirements below.

Photo requirements
Upload high quality photos to
get 5x more likes & matches
Your face is visible
You are doing something
NO photos like these
Your photo will be denied
Fake photos
No sunglasses
Group photo
Extreme closeups
You are too far
Cropped face
Mask on your face
Doesn’t show your face
Frame, text, meme
or advertisement
Strong slope
Side photo
Moderators have the right to block any inappropriate photos
Why was my profile blocked?

Your profile may be blocked for violating our User Agreement and Terms of Service.

How to delete my account?

Sorry to see you go. We would miss you and we would always be glad to see you again! Below are the instructions for deleting your account.

Here are the instructions for deleting an account, it's very simple: Click on the "Menu" icon in the upper left corner, then go to the "My Profile" page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Delete".

After deletion, all your photos, chats, correspondence, in general, absolutely all information will be permanently deleted.

On these screens you can see everything clearly:

Click on the "Menu" icon
Next "My Profile"
Scroll "My profile" to down
Click "Delete"

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